04 September 2010

Request for a post

Thanks to those who have sent messages and emails through this morning; I didn't really think to post here, but I got a few requests, so I'll briefly note what I know, but I suggest people check Google or TVNZ, for more accurate information.

I live In Dunedin, New Zealand, almost 300 kilometers south of Christchurch. At 4.35 am this morning, we were awoken by a rather large (7.1 - downgraded from 7.4) magnitude earthquake (I was stuck in bed as it usually takes me half an hour to get up in the mornings, as my back and legs seize up - combination of ME and cerebral palsy) which seemed to go for about 10 minutes. TV says it went for closer to 15 minutes.

My father, step-family, best mates, Saul's extended family, all live around Chch, and are getting aftershocks every 20 minutes. A state of emergency was put in place just a wee while back. Up there, the Central Business District is closed and currently being evacuated with severe damage; water mains are busted, sewage pipes have ruptured in some towns and suburbs, roads have been badly damaged, as have houses, vehicles, businesses, some TV stations are not reporting, as they're buggered. Cell phone towers are on reserve battery, which is running low. Landlines and internet are down, and flooding in some suburbs from burst pipes. Massive cracks in the ground with parts of earth risen, or fallen, .

Many people are isolated in their own homes, but apparently welfare stations are being set up in the suburbs.  The imminent concerns are water safety (due to sewage etc) and infrastructure stability. There are only a couple of people with serious injury, and no reported fatalities.  Watching the news, all the support services look to be working really smoothly together, there doesn't appear to be anyone panicking; and the news isn't being sensationalist or anything.

Thanks again for people concern, our thoughts are with those in and around Christchuch.


  1. Good news that you are well, Emma-Kate, with prayers for safety of your father, family and others around Christchurch during the distressing aftershocks.